As I was watching the sunset tonight, I noticed the tiny silver crescent of the new moon. I’m usually in synch with lunar phases, just because I love looking at the moon, but this one took me by surprise.

During the last new moon I was in Florence, Italy and while it was a return to familiar surroundings and an adoptive family of sorts, it was also a time to make new acquaintances and bring life to new designs and ideas.

I’m back in Honolulu now, where my heart is also at home, figuring out how to join up these two places that are half a world apart but for me are intertwined. I’ve met many interesting and very talented people not only in these discreet worlds, but also hanging around their intersection with me, with one foot in both places. My time in Italy last month was a pivotal moment, a time for reflection and decision-making.

Exactly three months ago, at this moment I was holding my father’s hand as life left his body. And as his life ebbed, I wondered if part of me might die too. The crescent moon tonight was a sign from him, a reminder that he is right here with me, as I make a new start and a new plan. The moment of my father’s passing I’m still counting in months, but I know someday it will be years. And when that happens I hope I’ll have a lot to show for what I’ve done in the meantime.

Welcome to my blog, and if you’re still reading, thank you.